Composite Prime

HD-Deck-Pro - champagne
HD-Deck-Dual-natural oak
Natural Oak

HD Deck Pro/Dual are natural looking wood plastic composite decking. Featuring a ‘capped’ design that provides a protective layer against staining and discoloration along with a weather-proof barrier ensuring an extra long life. Pro takes composite decking to the next level.

HD Pro is a blend of special pigmentation that replicates the subtle variation and depth of tones seen in natural timber – and ensures no two boards are the same colour.

HD Deck Pro/Dual aremade completely from recycled plastics and FSC 100% hardwood flour which combine to produce a high quality finished product that outperforms traditional treated timber. The unique True Grain Colour System™️ – a subtle variation replicating the natural depth of colour seen in timber – ensures that no two boards are the same. Dual is the most natural looking composite decking board on the market.

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