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Composite Decking in stock & on display

Whether your renewing your old, rotten, slippery wood decking, or creating a brand new outdoor living area, Composite Decking is the ideal, rot free, slip resistant, low maintainance product. Composite decking does not rot, need painting or treating and will stay looking fabulous for a lifetime..

Unlike most composite decking suppliers we stock and supply a range of different types of composite decking to suit every style & budget. Simply give us the measurements & we can quickly work out what you need and how much it will cost.

Mighty Deck is our own brand of composite decking & accessories, named so,  as it is one of the strongest, most scratch resistant and slip resistant composite decking products. Mighty Deck has been tested for slip resistance using the Pendulum Test, tested to British Standards BS7976 and resulted in a Pendulum Test Value (PTV) of 41 longitudinal and 43 horizontal. A PTV value of over 36 means there is a low slip potential ( lower than 1 in 1 million ) so Mighty Deck is an excellent choice if slip resistance is a priority.  It is extruded from recycled plastic and wood fibre. The deck boards are reversable and have wood grain effect on one side and traditional grooved on the other. All the edges are available in our full colour range.

Use the arrows below to view Mighty Deck in situ, deck boards & edge options with sizes, clip sets and screws and colour range.

Mighty Deck Board, Edging, Clips & Screws

Mighty Deck Colour Range

Oakio is made from high quality hard wood fibre (Oak wood) and high density PE resin which means you can have all the beauty of finished hardwood, The deck boards are reversable and have embossed wood grain on one side and traditional grooved on the other.

Use the arrows below to view Oakio in situ, deck boards & edge options with sizes, clip sets and screws and the colour range which includes variegated two toned options.

Oakio Logo.png

Oakio Deck Board, Edging, Clips & Screws

Oakio Colour Range

HD Deck Dual is a capped dual sided composite decking board which features Composite Primes True Colour System which means each colour is a blend of special pigmentation that replicates the subtle variation and depth of tones seen in natural timber – and ensures no two boards are the same colour.

HD Deck Dual_with strapline_Slate_Primary (1).png

HD Deck Dual Board, Edging, Clips & Screws

HD Deck Dual Colour Range

HD Deck Pro is the only 200 mm wide Capped Composite Decking available in the UK. Champagne coloured one side and Oyster on the other. It is made from recycled plastics and FSC 100% hardwood flour which combine to produce a high quality finished. 

HD Deck PRO_with strapline_Slate_Primary.png

HD Deck PRO board, Edging, Clips & Screws

HD Deck PRO Colour Range

Millboard decking is designed and made in Britain, inspired by the beauty of nature but built to outperform it. Unlike conventional composite decking, it is moulded from selected timbers and hand-coloured in authentic tones. 

millboard logo

Millboard board, Edging, Clips & Screws

Millboard Colour Range

As with any  composite product the shade of colour can vary and it is advised that any variants are shuffled in when installing to achieve a natural look.

Exterior composite products go through an initial weathering process in which the colour can lighten quite quickly - however please do not be concerned as this is completely normal and the colour will stabilise once the UV inhibitors kick in.

The best way to choose your composite decking is to come and see our displays and full lengths in stock here in Whitstable.

Our outdoor displays have alrady gone through the weathering process so we advise that you choose your colour from these displays, as these are the colours you can enjoy for years.


Come and see all our products displayed here at our depot in Whitstable and /or contact us with any queries and quotes. Our fabulous, friendly team can give you as much advice as required and can very quickly work out quantities needed and provide quotes for supplying  all you need for your new outdoor living space

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