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Wood Decking 150 X 30 X 3.9 M in STOCK


Treated Posts & C24 Joists IN STOCK &

available with decking orders.

For Wood and Composite Decking - treated timber is the most commonly used subframe. 

There are different grades of joists and we chose to stock C24 as it is a premium structural timber with fewer knots and stonger than lesser grades so  therefore wider spans or heavier loads can be applied.

Price wise, on an average size deck you are only looking at an additional £30 more altogether for a far better quality subframe.

We stock the below C24 treated joist sizes:

2 X 4's  (45 mm x 95 mm ) X 3.6 M lengths

2 X 6's  (45 mm x 145 mm ) X 3.6 M lengths


4 X 4's  (100 mm x 100 mm ) X 3.6 M lengths

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We are distributors of every type of decking subframe and can provide as much help and advice required to ensure we deliver the best subframe for your application.

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