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Subframe Materials in Stock


Treated Posts & C24 Timber Joists IN STOCK

For Wood and Composite Decking treated timber is the most commonly used subframe. 

There are different grades of joists and we chose to stock C24 as it is a premium structural timber with fewer knots and stonger than lesser grades so  therefore wider spans or heavier loads can be applied.

Price wise, on an average size deck you are only looking at an additional £30 more altogether for a far better quality subframe. We often have additional lengths in stock so please ask the team and they will let you know what lengths we have in.

Joists : 4 X 2's  (45 mm x 95 mm ) & 6 X 2's  (45 mm x 145 mm ) stocked in various lengths

Posts : 4 X 4's  (100 mm x 100 mm ) stocked in 2.4 & 3 M lengths.

Contact us for lengths in stock and available to order in

Decking Joist Tape in Stock

Protect the top & ends of your timber joists

Mighty Mole Roll Decking Joist Tape

50 mm wide by 20 Metres long with a 25 year warranty

Simply apply to the top of your joists to protect your decking subframe from rotting.

This self sealing, adhesive tape is Non -Butyl , meaning it is completely water-proof , weather proof and UV stable so it will keep its integrity for longer.

For orders outside of Kent go to

100 % Recycled Plastic Joists & Post in stock

Millboard's Plas Pro Subframe System is a fantastic alternative to timber

100 X 100 mm X 3 M Post

125 X 50 mm X 3  M Joist

60 X 30 mm X 2.8 M Joist

50 X 50 mm X 2.4 M Joist

100 X 25 mm X 3 M Fascia Support

6.3 X90 mm Hexhead screws

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Ground Screws in Stock

The Mighty Mole Ground Screw, Hat and Tools have been specifically Designed to replace timber posts in decking subframes so that you

no longer have to : dig holes, saw posts, remove dirt or use cement.

Ground screws simply screw into the ground to the levels you require so your decking subframe has a dry , stong, levelled surface to sit on.

Cradles in Stock