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Ground Screws for Decking & Garden Room Subframes

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THE MIGHTY MOLE is a large  (700 X 65 mm) galvanised steel foundation screw that simply screws into the ground, to the level you require, so that your decking subframe has a dry , strong, level surface to sit on.

The Mighty Mole Ground Screw, top (Hat) and tool is manufactured specifically for adaptability and ease when building decking and garden room subframes.


when installing a decking subframe onto soft and /or uneven ground 4x4 posts would be secured in the ground so the subframe is kept off the ground and to make a dry , safe, level base for decking. In order to secure these timber posts in the ground you would have to

  • dig holes at least 3 x foot deep every metre (on a 3 M x 3M deck you may have to dig 9 x holes)

  • cut these large heavy posts to size

  • mix concrete and pour into every hole under and around every post

  • ensure they are straight before the mix goes hard

  • wait for it to go hard

  • attach the subframe to the posts

  • cut off any raised areas


Using The Mighty Moles, Hats & Tool means you do NONE OF THE ABOVE!! you simply....

  • Screw into the Ground to level as required

  • slot Hats on top

  • screw into joist to secure

For deliveries outside of Kent visit the  Mighty Mole online Shop

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